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Shining Lock

  Breed: Thoroughbred
  Birth Date:  May 9, 1990
  Approved: - Jockey Club
- Sport Horse Registry
- and many more...
  Registration #:  P0002941
  Color: Black/Brown
  Height: 16 hh

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  Breeding Fee: Private Treaty
  Available by: Live Cover
  Live foal Guarantee: Yes

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Lock is an incredibly minded stallion that produces lovely hunters. After a career as a winning endurance horse - he always completed every race - he switched to the dressage and hunter rings where his big heart and will were also showcased. Sadly, due to an unfortunate injury, his competitive carreer was cut short. He now has some exceptional jumper and dressage prospects on the go and of course the hunter prospects he always produces. All his offspring seem to inherit his refined and sculpted head and willing temperment.

Offspring: [Top of Page]
  Too numerous to list, some notables are:
  Treasure Island: Novice hunter champion on the novice rider circuit for Seafever Farms, Calgary
  Secret Service
  Show and Tell

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Pedigree: [Top of Page]
  83022843 - 1983
 Olden Times
  58010726 - 1958
  A0126001 - 1950
 War Relic
 Bridal Colors
  A0126001 - 1950
 Bold Scamp
  76002201 - 1976
 Bold Hitter
  66016905 - 1966
 Bold Ruler
 Batter Up
 Lucky Scamp
  71015447 - 1971
 Lucky Mel
 Happy Scamp
 Jan U. Shine
  83041673 - 1983
 Pumpkin Moonshine
  74002324 - 1974
  59008032 - 1959
 Your Game
 Witching Hour
  60001528 - 1960
 Thinking Cap
 Enchanted Eve
 Jan U Can
  75008069 - 1975
 Tudor Way
  A0521256 - 1956
 Tudor Castle
 Miss Buba
  57002811 - 1957
 Our Babu
 War Swept
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